Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Change the Photobucket images in the HTML in your Blogger blog to Flickr

For Blogger blogs only, here's how to change Photobucket images embedded in your blog code - and move them to Flickr, eg: a custom signature. 

 Scroll down for the video

I also show you exactly how to back up (and reinstall) your Blogger blog template. I've used a very old saved template on my Freebies blog as the example.

Here's a pic from my blog, showing the signature blocked by Photobucket.

Here's the same one, but with the image code now on Flickr - signature restored!

I made a short video here on YouTube, showing exactly what to do.

Step by step:
  1. Go to THEME, then back up your blog as explained in my video. 
  2. Save this to your desktop or into a folder (but don't change the title of the template under any circumstances, or it won't work).
  3. Click on the HTML button under the pic showing 'Live on Blog', which is next to the orange Customise button.
  4. You will now see the actual code of your blog.
  5. Click inside the box (see my video) and click CTRL + F on your keyboard (COMMAND + F on a Mac). This will bring up the Find (search) box.
  6. Copy and paste this code in:
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>
You'll see it highlighted. 

Immediately BELOW this line, you should see your image code, which will have the word Photobucket in there somewhere, with a load of letters & numbers, something like this:
<img src='http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu313/1stFloorFlatComputery/6a30e8fe.jpg' style='border: none; background: transparent;' />
If for some reason you can't find the image, even though that piece of code highlighted, try deleting that and pasting the image code in - it should show up nicely (see my video for 2 different methods of finding it). All you need is the bit starting http and finishing jpg.

Next step is to find your original picture on your computer, and post this to your Flickr account. Find the BB Code as per my video instructions, and replace the Photobucket code with this.

Monday, 19 March 2018

How to move your blog pix from Photobucket to Flickr

Have you got those awful black '3rd Party' symbols from Photobucket showing up on your blog? Do they look like this:

What this means is that you either pay Photobucket a monthly amount to host them - or you need to move them! I've moved mine to Flickr, and here's a video on how I did it.

It's really important that you pay attention to the coding - and be very careful not to delete the " symbols. Don't leave any spaces between the symbols either!

Friday, 16 March 2018

I Totally Earned This - coffee & cake pic

Hi all - feeling very virtuous as I've consolidated my website and TWO blogs - so now you're looking at just the one. I might even be able to keep up with things now.

So I feel I totally earned my coffee and cake!

Took this in a cafe over a year ago (so of course I can't remember which one as I didn't label the photos at the time) and photoshopped the text. Feel free to use if you want.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Fauxdori - handpainted Traveller's Notebook refill

The front

First of all, I have to apologise for not posting for so long - due to another funeral (my husband's close friend of 23 years) and yet another eye operation (the 6th on my tearduct). So I haven't felt very much like doing anything! So here's a Traveller's Notebook refill I made earlier...

The back

I've used acrylics, rice paper, my own hand-drawn and hand-painted girls, and added decoupaged butterflies, flowers etc. And real lace down the edges.

I've used a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch (you'll find tutorials online - my own video tutorial for Colouricious is here).

Pockets inside front cover

Inside back cover

I also added pockets etc inside the covers, and doodled round the edges.

One thing to remember - using acrylic paints and gel mediums means the covers are waterproof and pretty indestructible when you're carrying the TNs around in a bag or pocket. If using watercolours, you need to add some kind of protective surface, whether a wax or a spray - or even clear sticky-back plastic! Otherwise, all your hard work may not last very long.

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Fauxdori - Traveller's Notebook inserts, using paste papers & painted papers

Here are the latest Travellers's Notebook inserts I've made, all with my own paste papers and printed papers.

This one is painted, layered with giant foam stamps in swirls, squares & leaf shapes
Paste paper variatiation using acrylics & gel medium, combed through
 Metal file tabs on the front can have labels (or not...)

Traditional paste paper

Traditional paste paper - linen Under Construction tape
I've used acrylics (always best for this) so the covers are wipeable in case of accidents (coffee, sticky fingers, melted chocolate etc).

All of them have stitched papers (looks so much nicer than staples).

Hand-stitched double pocket

Double secretarial pocket

Single secretarial pocket (paste paper layered to black card to make it stand out more)

Punched pocket with matching paper clip 

All have pockets inside the covers. Always useful (receipts, pretty stickers etc.

I've kept these pretty plain as they might also appeal to men - but can always be personalised with stickers etc. All of these will be in my Etsy shop very shortly.

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post - I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself, but in my own defense all I can say is, Life Happens. Which included 4 funerals since September (including my best friend), several hospital visits (eye op set for January) and a computer crash.